I would like to comment on a recent application of Auto-rx on a 2000 Pontiac GP with the 3.1 engine. Owner was referred to me through a friend that I had previously helped. He is a German intern at a local factory and bought this car from a previous intern sight-unseen while still over there in Germany. The car has 160k miles on it and I think he paid too much, based on the condition it is in.

He called me thinking he would need head gasket replacement, which I doubted. He actually had a list of concerns, but that was at the top of his list as was the power steering pump whining noise and the erratic steering gear that was hanging up at times while parking the car. He was also having to add fluid and had a small bottle in the trunk.

We determined fairly quickly that there was no head gasket problem, but that the gunk in the overflow tank was either Dexcool sludge or remnants of a stop-leak. I cleaned the tank thoroughly and then poured in some new coolant. He was relieved that his head gaskets were ok.

Next we discussed the PST fluid. I told him that we could flush the system with new fluid and use a stop-leak to see if anything improves, or we could do better than that and try some ARX. Knowing how expensive it would be to replace the pump or especially the steering gear (rack) he chose the ARX treatment. So I put in 2 oz which brought the level to full and then he left. He called me later after he went to the ARX website and read about the product. He was prompted to do this after he got to his rental house and realized the steering noise and stiffness was totally gone already. He came back later and wanted ARX in the engine and the transmssion. We set up a mileage for him to come back to change/flush the ATF and PST fluid, and a later mileage to change the oil.

Needless to say, but he is very happy about the results so far and how much potential repair expense he has avoided. BTW, it appears his PST fluid leak has stopped already as well.