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Sludge & Heavy Oil Burning


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Sludge Removal and Heavy Oil Burning

Sludge and Engine Video

For all engines with sludge and heavy oil burning:

For best results, use only conventional or one of the approved synthetic oils to remove sludge. Most synthetic oils have a complex additive package that holds oil to metal, which also applies to sludge and therefore hinders the safe removal of sludge.  See information on oil.

If you have questions about the application instructions, contact our technical support via email at Detail your problem, giving the make of vehicle, type of engine, mileage, oil used, etc.

STEP 1Change oil and filter AND add two (2) bottles of Auto-Rx® Plus to the crankcase with a fresh oil and filter change. Each bottle of Auto-Rx® Plus contains 12 fluid ounces. If you recently had an oil change and are using conventional or an approved synthetic oil, go ahead and add the two (2) bottles of Auto-Rx® Plus to the oil already in the crankcase.
STEP 2Run the motor for 5 minutes or so to blend the Auto-Rx Plus into the host motor oil. For best results, run with conventional oil or an approved synthetic oil.
STEP 3Drive the vehicle 2,000 miles if using conventional oil.  Drive 3,000 miles if using synthetic oil BUT at the halfway point through the first cleaning cycle change the oil filter only. The halfway point is 1,000 miles for conventional oil and 1,500 miles for synthetic oil.  IF NECESSARY, TOP OFF WITH OIL ONLY. Then finish the application.
STEP 4Begin Rinse Phase: Drain the oil and refill with fresh oil and a new filter. Again, use conventional oil or an approved synthetic oil.
STEP 5Drive 2,000 (conventional oil) or 3,000 miles (synthetic oil) ; then change the oil and filter again to complete the rinse phase.
STEP 6Extreme sludge may require a second application. If so, repeat this application. 
STEP 7After completing the sludge application, you MUST use the Preventive Maintenance Plan to remove sludge trapped in oil lines and any residual sludge. Add 3 ounces (conventional oil) or 4 ounces (synthetic oil) of Auto-Rx® Plus with each oil change to keep the engine clean. You may use any oil you prefer.
NOTE: CHANGE FILTER AT HALFWAY POINT: We recommend changing out the filter at 1,000 miles (or 1,500 miles) depending on the oil you used) because the oil filter can become loaded before completing the 2,000 miles (conventional oil) or 3,000 miles (synthetic oil). A fully loaded filter will go into the bypass mode whereby the filter is no longer capturing the contaminants, and the contaminants are then circulating throughout the oiling system. This is counterproductive and undesirable, as Auto-Rx® Plus works best with maximum oil flow throughout the oiling system.To maintain a clean engine: After you have completed all cleaning and rinsing, add 3 ounces (conventional oil) or 4 ounces (synthetic oil) using the Preventive Maintenance Plan.

If you choose to run Auto-Rx® Plus in a full-synthetic PAO-based oil (such as Mobil 1), you must increase the cleaning phase and rinsing mileage to 3,000 miles. PAO-based oils do not accept additives readily. They need coupling esters to hold the additive package in suspension. These coupling esters compete for the same space on metal surfaces as do the cleaning esters of Auto-Rx® Plus, which slows down the cleaning action and takes longer. Also, the PAO oils are not a good choice in the rinse phase because those coupling esters make the oil cling to metal, which interferes with Auto-Rx® Plus being able to rinse the metal surfaces fully. We cannot guarantee the results of your cleaning application, as these oils do not work the same as conventional oils.

Not all sludge is created equal. Some motors have very hard deposits, resembling charcoal, while others can have a soft, gooey, black paste appearance. Sludge can form from a variety of reasons and will clean up at different rates based on how it was formed in the first place. A heavily sludged motor would warrant a 3-bottle purchase. You have already used 2 bottles in the sludge application. Depending on the cleaning progress achieved at this point, you can use another 2 bottles for further sludge cleaning. Then stay on the Preventive Maintenance Plan. Preventive maintenance is MANDATORY for sludge applications. It means merely adding 3 fluid ounces (conventional oil) or 4 fluid ounces (synthetic oil) with each oil change to maintain engine oiling system cleanliness.

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