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I agree with you. It is a trolls paradise. When XXXX started pimping Amsoil and became a site sponsors I was banned almost on the spot. He never liked it when ASE and SAE white papers proved him wrong on almost everything! Of course his reply was always "That is old outdated research!" never mind that it was the only research on the topic at hand. Normally research is good research until you have new research to refute the older research! LOL The fact that the research is not convenient for you is never part of the equation! LOL

 A lot of people where banned just because someone that was a site sponsor had did not like a person!  I have been back their a few times over the last 10 years about 2 years apart I will pop on and just to see if what it has devolved into! It is the blind leading the blind. The site was great when Bob was alive and you had Terry Dyson anD XXXX that could do or say almost anything. When that oil testing lab bought it was started to get a bit too Politically Correct and people where getting banned more than ever before. Then the guy died and his xxx took over Bobistheoilguy and it was down hill fast. Last time I was on their people where saying some insanely rude things against you and Auto-RX and they where also being bigots with regard to xxxx products. Not a shred of fact just character assassination sort of things. What passes for logic and science is pathetic on that sight today. The only stuff worth reading is the old stuff! 
The bad information being put out by them now is the worst it has ever been. 
What I found the most amusing is how no one had tried it but they where calling it snake oil and putting into the same light as xxx or 15 minute engine flush etc.....So we have a forum that is targeted at millennial which means it is low of knowledge or hands on and high on political correctness and pushing an agenda!  


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Frank J. Miller
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