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Post Info TOPIC: Why Is Auto-Rx + More Cost Effective

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Why Is Auto-Rx + More Cost Effective

Auto-Rx has been in business 15 years on the Internet. We know you have other choices. We also know you get what you pay for. We think you should read below before spending a lot of money with diagnosis and cost from dealers, etc.


The Importance of Preventive Maintenance

For most consumers, their car or truck represents a big investment, yet many treat their vehicle as though it were a household appliance. They don't worry about it until something goes wrong and needs to be repaired. But you dont have to be one of these people.

FRAM used the You can pay me now or pay me later advertising slogan for many years. Does performing preventive maintenance actually save you money in the long run? In most cases the answer is yes.

Auto-Rx Plus in the engine oil keeps deposits from forming. As we say, A clean engine is a healthy engine. Auto-Rx Plus is first and foremost a metal cleaner. The main function of motor oil is to reduce wear on moving parts through lubrication, inhibiting corrosion, and dissipating heat.

Motor oils typically contain detergents and dispersants. If that were enough to keep an engine clean, there would be no need for Auto-Rx Plus. Even the best motor oils are subject to oxidation and can leave behind harmful deposits.

Auto-Rx Plus cannot repair damaged parts but it can prevent damage that will occur if deposits are allowed to accumulate on critical moving parts.

These are reasons enough to make Auto-Rx Plus cost effective, so why not use it to clean your engine and keep it clean with a small maintenance dose of Auto-Rx Plus at each oil change.


Auto-Rx Plus for Transmissions

We are often asked how does cleaning a transmission differ from cleaning an engine? Cleaning a transmission requires less Auto-Rx Plus because thick deposits of oxidized fluid are not likely to occur in a transmission. Instead, what forms inside transmissions are thin layers of varnish that can interfere with the smooth operation of solenoids and other components that require exact tolerances to be maintained.

Like motor oil, transmission fluid should be replaced on a regular basis based on mileage or driving conditions. Signs that transmission fluid should be changed include color change and an unusual odor. Using Auto-Rx Plus in addition to regular fluid changes will prevent future transmission problems and ensure smooth operation.


How Auto-Rx Plus Can Save You Money

Auto-Rx Plus is a consumer-friendly product. Auto-Rx Plus allows you to save money because it does the hard part of cleaning critical moving parts in your engine or transmission while you drive, minimizing the need for repair shops to perform expensive service.

As an example, it typically costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars to overhaul a transmission. While we recommend you perform routine fluid changes, many times fluid changes alone are not enough to keep the internal components free from varnish and oxidized contaminants.

Engines require routine oil changes to perform at their best because the additives in motor oils are consumed over time. Filters and PCV systems should also be serviced on a regular basis.

Auto-Rx Plus cleans and prevents deposits from forming better than motor oil alone can do. Auto-Rx Plus helps you maintain your vehicle like no other product on the market.

Frank J. Miller
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