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Post Info TOPIC: Auto-Rx Plus vs. quick solvent flush products BS TV INFOMERCIALS Now Running All Night Long

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Auto-Rx Plus vs. quick solvent flush products BS TV INFOMERCIALS Now Running All Night Long

There are a whole host of differences between a quick solvent flush and an Auto-Rx Plus cleansing. First and foremost is that Auto-Rx Plus is a patented chemistry that utilizes lubricants that slowly dissolve oxidized oil deposits as you drive. The end benefit is that lubricity is enhanced as the cleaning occurs over the course of an oil change interval, as deposits slowly dissolve and and may be deposited in the oil filter. There is no inconvenience or wasted steam. Just drive as you normally do and let Auto-Rx Plus do the work.

The is as opposed to a quick solvent flush, which is typically a blend of aliphatic and aromatic solvents that are added to the oil, then allowed to circulate through the motor at idle for 5 to 10 minutes. These aliphatic and aromatic solvent blends can only be run at idle so that the oil film on the working parts becomes so dilute that metal to metal contact occurs, which equates to severe wear, and lessens the useful life of the motor. Typically these solvent blends tend to degrade or severely swell polymer based rotary seals, which is why they are only recommended to be in the motor for 5 to 10 minutes tops.

Take it a step further, the drained oil with a solvent flush installed is not particularly wanted in the circle of oil recycling. For one the aromatic content is typically toxic to some extent. And all the solvent needs to be boiled off to capture a good grade of recycling. Whereas, the lubricants used in Auto-Rx Plus are non-toxic, are great lubricants, and have a boiling range that is in parallel to that of the oil being recaptured or cleaned as part of the recycling process. 

Go back to the home page of Auto-Rx Plus to see just how easy it is to clean your motor of contamination build up as you drive. Under applications you can find the basic application for average use, or Fast Track for motors with known sludge. Or type in solvent to the home page search engine for more detail.

Happy motoring!


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RE: Auto-Rx Plus vs. quick solvent flush products

You are right Rich, recyclers are reluctant to accept just any oil. For bulk oil collection at repair shops the used oil is first put through a series of tests. Too many or the wrong kind of contaminants means the oil will cost the shop more to dispose of or be rejected entirely.

Solvents pose a serious threat to the consumer and your vehicle if not used properly. Typically solvent products are sold in metal containers and for good reason. If you were to pour the product out in a plastic measuring device there is a good chance that the plastic will melt, cloud over, or discolor. Think what would happen if you were to accidentally spill some of it on your vehicles finish?

Auto-Rx Plus is the safer way to clean. Learn more

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