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Bikers Read Harley Tests Use And Get The Results Test Located On


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Motorcycle Engine Cleaning

See Customer Comments regarding motorcycles and Auto-Rx Plus

Auto-Rx® Plus works as you ride. There is no downtime. Just add it to the host motor oil and it slowly dissolves contaminants from piston rings, cam lobes, and other high-friction areas. Thorough testing of Auto-Rx® was performed at the American Motorcycle Institute of Daytona Beach, Florida. AMI provided before-and-after compression test data, as well as used oil samples submitted to Dyson Analysis for review. See test results here.

Slow methodical cleaning is the desired cleaning mode, unlike old solvent technology that can chunk off dangerous contamination deposits and severely impact polymer seal materials. Auto-Rx is compatible with all lubricating oils: conventional, semi-synthetic, and full synthetics and does NOT alter your host oil in any way.


  • Auto-Rx® Plus extends the engine MTBF (mean time before failure).
  • Auto-Rx® Plus thoroughly cleans the internal parts of your motorcycle engine.
  • Auto-Rx® Plus is safe to use and does not risk damage to your cycle.
  • Auto-Rx® Plus lets oil lubricate every nook and cranny, reducing metal-to-metal friction to the minimum.
  • Auto-Rx® Plus cleans the piston rings, restores compression, improves combustion, and helps keep your motorcycle out of the shop.
  • Auto-Rx® Plus prevents or delays costly transmission repairs. Auto-Rx improves overall transmission performance.
  • Auto-Rx® Plus restores the seals and removes contaminants so effectively that your transmission will be returned to like-new condition.


Auto-Rx works on a ratio of 2 ounces per quart of any oil and 2 ounces for the filter. Auto-Rx® Plus can be added to your existing oil if you have at least 1500 miles of service life left in the oil, or you can change to fresh oil if you prefer. If you elect to change your oil before running the application, then start with Step 2.

STEP 1Change the oil and filter.  Install a new oil filter to give Auto-Rx® Plus a place to deposit sludge, dirt, contaminants, and third-party abrasives removed from the engine.
STEP 2Add Auto-Rx® Plus to the oil at a ratio of 2 ounces per quart of oil and 2 ounces for the filter. The bottles contain 12 fluid ounces.
STEP 3Drive 1,000 miles.
STEP 4Change the oil and oil filter. Use non-synthetic oil for this step. Your treatment is done. If a second treatment is required, drive at least 3,000 miles before adding Auto-Rx® Plus to a fresh sump.
STEP 5Congratulations! Your application is completed. Your next oil change should be at 1,000 miles.


Application Amounts

If the transmission and the engine share oil, then use total oil capacity. One bottle of Auto-Rx® Plus is 12 fluid ounces.

Application Ratio: 2 ounces per quart + 2 ounces for filter

Engine Oil CapacityAuto-Rx® Plus Amount to Add
3 quarts8 ounces
4 quarts10 ounces
5 quarts12 ounces

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