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Hellos Frank and friends,

My membership is still pending so I am unable to post yet; I just wanted to tell you how well arx worked in my transmission.

My 1992 DeVille had 295,000 miles on the clock. I installed a used transmission at 225,000 so I don't know how many miles are on that. Two years ago the VCC began acting up.  It would repeatedly shift in, then right back out, toggling back and forth.  Eventually the control module would disable it and the MIL would illuminate until the next stop/start cycle, at which time the process would repeat.  The transmission was serviced regularly with Amsoil ATF and there were never any bad things found in the pan or on the magnet.

This is an old car so I was not interested in performing the somewhat daunting task of accessing and fixing the problem which likely was in the valve body, so we just continued driving it.

Then I discovered arx.  I must admit that I didn't have high expectations, but the cost of arx treatment was low and I was confident that no harm could be done, so I did it.

30 miles after treatment began the problem vanished, only to return a short time later, but worse than before. Grrr!

At the end of the 1000 mile cleaning I serviced the tranny, purged the old fluid from the torque converter and installed new (cheap dino fluid, as I planned on selling the car). The old fluid looked about the same as that of previous drains.

Lo and behold, the issue vanished nearly immediately and it hasn't missed a beat since. This stuff is like magic!  Arx must have cleaned varnish from a sticky spool valve and/or allowed an o-ring/seal to relax to a more correct shape. I may arx the engine too and keep the car!

I have junked several cars over the years because of transmission issues; I have to wonder how many arx could have saved.

Now I'm 300 miles into treating the transmission on a 1993 Audi 100 (227,000 miles) which seems to be healthy except for a 3-4 upshift flare after warm-up.  Little or no improvement is noted there yet, however, I expect there to be when treatment is complete.

I'm also 300 miles into the cleaning phase of the engine in the Audi (2.8L V-6).  It runs very well but was a big time smoker, both at start-up and during acceleration.  It was burning an estimated quart to 700 miles. I replaced the valve stem seals, as they were quite hard. Some varnish but very little sludge was found under the camshaft covers. The engine has no external leaks.

The level on the dipstick dropped 1/2 pint in the first 100 miles of treatment, now it seems to have stopped or drastically slowed.  I'm still seeing blue smoke at start-up but it clears more quickly.  I am seeing little to no smoke now upon acceleration. We'll see how it plays out.

By the way, I established a baseline by doing a "before" compression test.  All cylinders were somewhat lower than acceptable, some lower than others.  My seat-of-the-pants dyno tells me the engine has a little more power, but that could be the placebo effect.

I think I may eventually purchase a case of this stuff not only for my own use but to provide to friends who would not otherwise give it a try.

Thanks for inventing this product... I sing it's praises at any and every opportunity!



Frank J. Miller
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